In a world where technology and cyber security change daily,
You DON’T Need another thing to worry about.

You NEED Addorio Technologies
Improving Your Technology, Securing Your Systems, Protecting Your People

When you run a small to mid-size business, organization, or municipality, it’s personal.

Technology, on the other hand, by its very nature, is impersonal. From data management systems, to websites, and enterprise servers – it’s all machine driven and all necessary for your industry to thrive in this information age. Technology is a powerful tool, and you need it to work.

Unfortunately, in every walk of life, there will come a time when technology doesn’t function properly, when it’s outdated, or it’s been compromised.

At times like this, you need Addorio Technologies.

At Addorio Technologies, we take your technology personally. Partnering with small to mid-size companies, organizations, and municipalities in West Michigan, we take pride in providing professional IT management, maintenance, and network security with a personal touch.

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Addorio Technologies, LLC
Improving Your Technology, Securing Your Systems, Protecting Your People

“Addorio Techonologies has been an outsourced IT partner for over 7 years at Next Generation Enrollment, Betsy and Tony have been collaborative, responsive, and a true extension of our team for all of our IT challenges. We cannot say enough good things about them and highly recommend their services.”

Jennifer Taylor

VP Operations, Next Generation Enrollment